development pin is locked

What to do if development pin is locked

Almost all of us use Bkash. 4/5 digit pin number has to be use every time to login to Bikash. If you type wrong pin 3 times, your bkash account is temporarily locked or close. In this blog, what to do if Bikash PIN is lock, how to open Bikash PIN lock and rules to change Bikash PIN etc. What to do if development pin is locked






Cause of development pin lock

If you enter wrong PIN 3 times in a row while logging into Bikash account. Bikash account will be temporarily close for security reasons. By dialing *247# or from the Bikash app, Bikash account gets block due to wrong pin usage three times in a row on the same day.

So if you don’t remember your PIN and use wrong PIN 2 times in a row, avoid entering PIN 3rd time. bKash Account will be Temporarily Block if wrong PIN is use for 3rd time.

In such case you can call BKash customer care and change BKash PIN. Moreover, you can manually reset the Bikash PIN from the Bikash USSD menu.






What to do if development pin is locked

However, there is no reason to worry if the development account is temporarily closed due to wrong PIN usage or carelessness. By following some simple steps you can solve the problem in 5 minutes.

If the Bikash PIN is locked request pin reset by calling Bikash Customer Care 16247 or by giving required information from Bikash USSD menu *247#. After resetting Bikash PIN, you will receive a Temporary PIN via SMS on your mobile. Then set new PIN of Bikash account with Temporary PIN from USSD Menu (*247) or Bikash App.






Reset the development pin

Set New PIN or Change PIN of Bkash account
Step 1- Rules to Reset or Change Development PIN
# How to Reset Development PIN through Customer Care
Follow the steps below to reset PIN if Bkash account is temporarily closed,






Call 16247 from Bikash mobile number.

After receiving the call by BKash customer service representative, report your problem and request BKash pin reset.
The customer service representative will ask for your name, date of birth, national identity card number and parent’s name as per the National Identity Card and the amount of any recent transactions.







Carry National Identity Card and provide correct information.

Your Bkash account PIN will be reset after it is confirm that you are the actual owner of the Bkash account. A Temporary PIN Number will be sent to your mobile after the PIN is reset. Save it.
# Rules to reset PIN from USSD Menu *247#

You can also reset the PIN from the Bkash USSD menu. For this, you will need your National Identity Card number, year of birth and the amount of any one transaction within the last 90 days. So collect them. You can check the mobile message to know the amount of any transaction in the last 90 days.

If Bkash account pin is lock, dial from Bkash mobile number- *247# and follow the steps below.






Reset development pin

Reply by typing 9 to go to the PIN Reset menu.

Reply with your 10- or 17-digit National Identity Card number. In this case, you must give the number of the ID with which your Bikash account was open. It can be National ID card / Passport or Driving License.

Then your birth year will be aske. Write the year of birth and reply again.






Reset development pin

Reply by selecting any transaction type within the last 90 days. If there is no transaction, select No Transaction option and reply.

Enter the transaction amount. If there is a decimal, enter the number before the decimal.

You will get a message when the request to reset Bikash PIN is complete. A Temporary PIN will be sent to you in a return message if all the information is correct.

Save the temporary PIN number which will be used in the next step.






Step 2- Rules for setting new development PIN

In this step we will change development pin number ie set new pin. Setting new PIN is done from USSD menu (*247#). See how to change development pin.






Rules to Change Development PIN from USSD menu

To set a new development PIN, dial *247# and follow the steps shown in the image below.






Change the development pin

Reply by typing 1 to go to My bKash menu. Similarly go to Change Mobile Menu PIN option.

Here as OLD PIN, enter the Temporary PIN code received in the SMS.






Change the development pin

Now enter a 5-digit PIN as a new PIN. Confirm again by entering the PIN in the same way. When the new PIN is set, “Your Mobile Menu PIN has been change successfully”

You can also change BKash PIN using your OLD PIN normally from the bKash USSD menu.

However, if you forget the PIN of the Bikash account or if the Bikash account is block. Then you need to reset the PIN by dialing Customer Care (16247) or *247#. Then the new PIN can be set.






What to do if development pin is lock?

In case of Bkash PIN lock due to wrong PIN usage 3 times in a row, PIN should be reset by calling Bkash Customer Service (16247) or dialing *247#. After that again *247# Bkash mobile menu has to set new pin.







What to do if you forget development pin?

If you forget the Development PIN, do not use the wrong PIN more than 2 times in a row. Request pin reset by calling BKash Customer Service (16247) or dialing *247# with required information as per your ID card. Then set new PIN again from *247# Bikash mobile menu. How to do details-

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