Transfer of constituencies

What to do and documents required for transfer of constituencies

There are many people around us who need to shift constituencies. But many people do not have proper idea about what to do and what are the required documents to transfer/change voter address. What to do and documents required for transfer of constituencies





Transfer of constituencies

Today Amara will discuss, in detail about the rules for changing the constituency in this post. Those who need to do Online Voter Area Transfer or NID Transfer must apply by following the Voter Transfer Rules.





Transfer of constituencies

Nowadays people spend their time very busy. People may not always live at their permanent address due to the demands of livelihood. There are millions of such people who leave their homes and live in cities for education, work, business or any other purpose. Because of this, those people have become voters at their current address rather than at their permanent address. Since it is not their permanent address, sometimes they need to change their constituency to their permanent address.





Transfer of constituencies

You have to go to the election office of the upazila where you are a permanent resident, i.e. the upazila to which you are moving and apply for Nid transfer. For Nid Transfer, application is to be made by filling the Electoral Area Transfer Form 13. Nid Transfer Form is provided from the office, Nid Transfer Form can also be obtained from the photocopy shop in front of the office. Or you can download and print Voter Area Transfer Form 13.





Transfer of Constituency
Rules for filling the application form:-

Do not proceed to fill transfer form 13 immediately after receiving it, read it carefully first. Filling the form is not as difficult as you think, it is very easy and you can follow the suggestions given below to fill the form.





1. The name of the applicant should be written in Bengali in column 1 of the form.

2. Applicant’s NID Card/Voter ID Card Number should be entered in the Form No.2.

3. The date of birth of the applicant should be entered in column 3 of the form.

4. The address of the constituency where you were a voter should be entered in column 4 of the form. All the fields should be filled including name of constituency, number of constituency, name of upazila/ police station, name of district, name and number of village/road, house/holding number. But if you don’t know the voter number and the voter area number then you don’t need to write it and it’s better if you know it from the office and write it. Constituency names and village/road names are mostly the same. Areas may be partially or completely separate. So write the name of your village/street in the place of constituency name.





Transfer of constituencies

5. The address of the constituency to which you want to transfer the voter should be entered in column 5 of the form. Name of District, Name of Upazila, Union/City Corporation/Municipality/Cantt: Board under which you will transfer and write the name of Union/City Corporation/Municipality/Cantt: Board next to it. Then write your ward number, constituency name, constituency number, village/street name and number, house/holding number, mobile number, post office and post code.





Transfer of constituencies

The name of the constituency and the name of the village may not be the same. So if you don’t know the name of your correct electoral area, you should confirm the name of your correct electoral area from the ward member or local public representative. If the constituency is wrong or if the information mention in step 5 is wrongly record then all the trouble is in vain. Because your voter information will be transfe to the wrong address. So step 5 should be fill very carefully as far as possible.

Transfer of constituencies

6. Column 6 of the form says that you have to state how long you have been living at the address mentioned in column 5. Serial No. 5 address may be your place of birth or residence for 1 to 5 years (in which case it should be mentioned).

7. Section 7 of the form states why you are moving the constituency. May be on matrimonial basis you want to shift electorate as you are residing at your husband’s address, or as it is your permanent address you want to shift electorate to permanent address etc. (whichever case to mention).

Only the applicant can sign in place of applicant’s signature. Tip signature on the back page of the form. The applicant’s NID card/Voter ID card must be sign exactly as it is sign under the photograph. If the signatures are different, the application may be consider invalid.

Transfer of constituencies

The applicant must be sign by a public representative in place of the identifier’s signature. Any person who signs in place of the identifier may be deem to have reject the application. Identifier must sign his signature, enter NID number and use seal.





Documents to be submit to change constituency: –

Details of what is require changing the constituency are mention in the Nid Transfer Form. You will get a clear idea about the required documents in step 8 of the form. All the documents should be from the address to which you want to transfer the voter.





1. If it is under the union then the chairman’s certificate will be require. If it is a municipality, a certificate from the municipal mayor or ward councilor will be require. i.e. a certificate issue by a public representative (as applicable).
2. Copy of house electricity bill/gas bill. (If the bill is in the name of any member of the household).

3. Chowkidari Tax Receipt/Municipal Tax Receipt/House Rent Receipt whichever is available. (Receipt must be in the name of any member of the household).





4. Photocopy of NID Card/Voter ID Card of the applicant.

The mentioned documents should be pin-up on the back of the application and submitted to the Upazila Election Office. You should take care that the office will cut the bottom part of the application. Later, if you contact the election office, you must take the slip given to you with you. You will be notified through a text message on your mobile whenever the processing of your application starts.






After receiving the first message you don’t need to do anything. When you get the second message, read it carefully. There will be mention whether your application has been approve or cancel or more documents are require. If the message says that the application has been approve, then you will understand that the transfer of your constituency has been complete, so there is no need to go to the office and inquire.

And if no message comes to your phone within one to one and a half months, then definitely contact the upazila election office with the slip.





Transfer of constituencies

Once the application for transfer of constituency is approve, you become a voter of that constituency and you can vote in the next election. However, no new NID card will be issue to you by the Election Office even if you shift the constituency. After shifting of constituency, NID card has to be collect by applying for reissue/withdrawal of NID card online/in office.





Another thing to note here is that two addresses of a person are written in the voter ID card information. A current address is another permanent address. When a person moves to a constituency. Most of the time his current address changes and the old address is written in place of the permanent address. In this case too, the permanent address of the voter ID card has to be correct by applying for correction.





Transfer of constituencies

If anyone has anything else to know or have any questions about the transfer of voter area or change of voter area, then please comment. We will definitely try to answer your questions.

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