What is Netflix

What is Netflix?

Netflix entered the gaming business long ago. But success has so far remained elusive. Therefore, the world’s popular streaming platform Netflix is ​​desperately trying to find success. Meanwhile, it was reported that Netflix is ​​opening an in-house game studio in Helsinki, Finland. The platform behind this game studio launch aims to create ‘world-class’ original games without ads or in-app purchases, according to a report by tech media outlet Engadget. What is Netflix?






What is Netflix?

According to the report, Zynga and EA alumnus Marco Lasticka will serve as director. Meanwhile, Netflix says Helsinki is home to the world’s best gaming talent and is ideal for game studios. This includes The Walking Dead mobile developer Next Games, which Netflix bought in March.

Netflix has bought multiple developers, including Boss Fight and Oxenfree creator Night School Studios. But no developer has yet built one from scratch, the report noted.






What is Netflix?

Recently, Oxenfree has made the game available to its users for free with a subscription to the Netflix platform. The game is brought to iOS and Android users more than six years after its debut on personal computers.

According to a report released last month, less than one percent of Netflix subscribers play games. App analytics company Apptopia estimates that an average of 1.7 million people engage with games every day, less than 1 percent of Netflix’s 221 million subscribers.





Google Chrome will run more easily with new tricks

It doesn’t seem to be possible to find people who use the internet but do not know the name of Google Chrome browser. This browser of Google is at the top of all browsers for finding any information on the Internet. Currently it has more than 2 billion users. By following a few tricks, you can easily do more browsing tasks with Google Chrome.






I will know about some such techniques below

1. Usually when working with many tabs in the browser, you have to shift from one tab to another tab after a while. In this case, Google Chrome is like other browsers
Some handy keyboard shortcuts.

For example:

1) Press Ctrl+1 to 8 to go to specific tab according to the number.

2) Press Ctrl+9 to go to last tab.

3) Ctrl+H helps to view Chrome’s history.
4) Ctrl+J opens download window.

5 ) Ctrl+K takes you directly to the address bar.

6 ) Ctrl+T to open new tab.

7 ) Ctrl+Shift+T reopens the closed tab.







2. Mathematical solution:

Google Chrome’s address bar does not display URL links to information but can also provide simple math solutions. It is even possible to get the answer to the question of how many cups of water is equivalent to 2 liters. Not only that, to get the solution of math addition-subtraction, multiplication-division like a calculator, enter the question in the omnibox and you will see the solution below.






3. Bookmarking web pages:

Social media or essential web pages that are used more often are saved under the search bar as bookmarks. This eliminates the need to search repeatedly to access the same web page. Desired information can also be found easily with one click.

For this, first enter the URL or name of the required web page in the address bar or search bar. Then clicking on the star icon on the right side of the URL displayed search bar will show the name and folder text box. Any web page can be bookmarked there with desired name and folder.






4. Opening and closing tabs:

Many laptop or desktop users feel more comfortable getting things done via keyboard than clicking mouse buttons. For many, using a mouse while typing is a waste of time and attention. Since it is often necessary to open and close new tabs while working in search engines, mastering the keyboard shortcuts is of some benefit.






In this case Ctrl+T button can be used instead of clicking the plus sign to open a new tab, similarly Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 button can be used instead of clicking the cross sign if you want to close the tab.

So far today. I will bring you some new technology news in the future.

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