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What is Bing Instant Index? Bing Instant Index detailed discussion

If you want to get organic traffic from any search engine then the first step is to get your article indexed in the search engine. But when the content of your content is not properly indexed in search engines, you will not get organic traffic properly. And also if your content is not indexed properly then you can’t expect the rank of that content. And if the content doesn’t rank, you will never get organic traffic from it. So it is very important to properly index the content of our website in search engines. Bing Instant Index detailed discussion.

Welcome to today’s Bing instant index article. Today we will discuss how we can easily index any content or article of our website in the Bing search engine quickly through Bing instant index API.

In the previous article, we discussed Google instant index and in that article, we tried to explain everything related to Google instant index. So can fall.

Google instant index

So let’s start today’s discussion. Stay tuned to this Bing instant index article for a detailed understanding.

What is the Bing Indexing API?

The Bing Indexing API is a simple solution that allows any content on a website to be updated or created (such as posting a new article or page) and being indexed very quickly on Bing’s crawl site. 10,000 URLs can be submitted daily with the Bing URL submission tool.

What do I need to do to get Bing Instant Index?

To do Bing Instant Index, you need to do the following. Below is a list of them:

1. First we need to verify Bing Webmaster Tools.

It’s basically like the whole “Google Search Console”. Here you have to verify by submitting your website. If you have not yet verified Bing Webmaster Tools, verify. It will be discussed in detail below. And it is better if Judi is verified.

2. Generate the Indexing API Key.

After verifying Bing Webmaster Tools, we will generate the API key from that Webmaster Tools. To do that we need to complete a few steps. Its details will be discussed below.

3. API key must be submit to our website.

Once the Indexing API Key has been generate, we need to submit this key to our site. This allows us to index each content very quickly. It will be discuss in detail. So read the Bing Instant Index article in detail.

4. Instant Index plugin must be install.

To submit the Bing Instant Index API Key, you need to install the rank math or Instant Index by rank math plugin. It will be discuss in detail.

Bing Webmaster Tools Verify (Bing Instant Index)

1. First go to our Bing webmasters tool

Will be ( After that, this kind of page will come. You have to select 1 from these 3 options. From here you can go to the next step by selecting Google.

2. This will be follow by a page like this. Then you can choose the Add Your Site Manually option. Then you have to put the URL of your website there and click on Add.

3. Then the verification methods will come. From there we will select the HTML Meta Tag option. Then you have to put that HTML Meta Tag in the <head> of the header.php file of the HTML code of our website. If you are using Yoast or rank math plugin, then you will get the option of Bing webmasters verification in their setting option.

4. After that you have to come to Bing Webmaster Tools again. Then you have to click on verify and after a while, it will be verified.

This way you can easily verify Bing Webmaster Tools by following these steps.

How to get the Bing Indexing API Key

1. To get the Bing Indexing API key you need to go to your verified site of Bing Webmaster Tools.

2. Then you will see a Setting icon, click here and click on the API Access option.

3. After clicking on the API Access option, we will see two options again. From there I will click on the API Key option.

4. This will be follow by a page like this. From here you have to click on Generate API Key.

5. After clicking on Generate API Key, an API key will be created automatically. Then you have to copy it and submit it to our instant index by rank math plugin.

Install the Instant Index plugin and submit the API key

1. To install the plugin you need to click on Add New from the plugins option of our website. Then you can not search in the search box “Instant Index” and then the plugin will come up. Then after clicking on install, you have to click on Active.

2. Click on the instant index option from the rank math option. Then click on Bing API Settings from there.

3. After clicking on Bing API Settings, the API key that we copied should be place in the place below. Then click on save changes.

Done. By following these steps and successfully submitting the Bing Instant Indexing API key, all the posts on our website will be publish or edited and will be index very quickly in the Bing search engine. Thank you for staying with the Bing Instant Index article.

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