types of projects

What is a project? What are the types of projects?

A project is a continuum of work that has a beginning and an end and is accomplish for a specific purpose. A project can be manage by one or more people. Project is a specific thought or idea that is intend to do something. Project is a plan that is made to accomplish something. The project has a variety of meanings. It comes from the Latin word precious, derived from the verb prosocial, formed by pro-, meaning “forward” and User, which means “to launch.” What is a project? What are the types of projects?




The purpose of the project should be SMART. That is

  • Specific,
  • Measurable,
  • Achievable,
  • Relevant,
  • Must be time-bound.

What are the types of projects?

Investment projects: These projects include the construction of projects which are actually visible such as industrial parks, power plants, roads, highways, bridges, culverts, etc.

  • Government’s own funding
  • Development partner financing
  • Government projects jointly funded by the government and development partners
  • The company’s own financing

Technical Support Project:

Projects are undertaken for organization skills, technology transfer, and human resource development. Consultancy, local and foreign training, and services receive by experts are include in this project.

  • Development partner / Government / Government project funded jointly by both
  • Regional projects funded by development partners
  • In the private sector funded by development partners

Survey / Feasibility Study Project

Project format

Investment project

Development Project Proforma / Proposal (DPP)

Technical support project

Technical Assistance Project Proforma / Proposal (TPP)

Survey/survey project

Feasibility Study Project Proforma / Proposal (FSP)

What are the main features and importance of the project?

  • The implementing agency will formulate the DPP in the prescribed schedule. If foreign aid is involve, DPP should be prepare in English and in case of full government funding in Bengali.
  • Compliance with short, medium, and long term development plans, policies. Strategies such as Five Year Plan, Perspective Plan, National Sustainable Development Goals, Ministry / Department policy implementation, etc.
  • Consider the receipt of assets (MTBF)
  • Considering the results of similar projects and avoiding duplication
  • Accuracy of project cost estimates
  • Poverty alleviation and regional inequality
  • Impact analysis on other areas including environment and climate change
  • The duration of the project is usually limit to 03 years.
  • Explain in the project document how the equipment/furniture/vehicle collect under the project will be used after the completion of the project.
  • Adding project log frame, procurement plan, and economic analysis.

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