Bob Iram still can't believe it. His first boxing promotion was in 1966, when he booked a heavyweight fighter.

The boxer's name is Mohammad Ali. Many observers believed that the best athlete of all time had a fairly stable relationship with him.

The promotion of Ali's 27 fights was in the hands of Eram and company Top Rank. Number One Boxer in the world

A relationship between Ali and the greatest boxer in history is through grandchildren. Nico Ali Walsh, son of Rasheda Ali

In his ring, he explained that he doesn't mind being identified as the grandson of the legendary figure.

Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma, also has the top-ranked host. He knocked out Wicks midway through the first round.

Born in Chicago, Ali Walsh grew up in Las Vegas. He was not interested in boxing after seeing such a famous grandfather.

A professional boxer like Nico admits that it is difficult to stay focused on both boxing and studying, 'It becomes very challenging for me'

Muhammad Ali's boxing meant a lot of speed and fast rhythmic movements. And he has long arms. Do you think Niko also uses long arms?