Various rules of cricket

Various rules of cricket and some basics of cricket

Cricket has touched every part of the world. It has also gained popularity as the second most popular sport after football. Almost all of us have played cricket in childhood. But there are many who have taken cricket professionally. Many people dream of playing cricket for their country. But there are many who play cricket with their elder brothers. But I don’t know about the basic rules of cricket. Let’s find out. Various rules of cricket and some basics of cricket







Cricket is called the gentleman’s game. This gentleman’s game originated in England. Marylebone Cricket Club or MCC has enacted several laws governing the game of cricket worldwide. Currently there are 42 laws governing the game of cricket. These laws outline many rules including how to start the game of cricket, how to toss, how to get the batters out, how big the field or pitch should be.





Although the Marylebone Cricket Club or MCC of England is not the official director of cricket, this club retains the intellectual property of the law of the game. But only the Marylebone Cricket Club or MCC can change the law. The Marylebone Cricket Club or MCC changes these cricket related laws after the highest governing body of cricket (International Cricket Council) ICC decides to change any rules.






How many players are formed in the cricket team?

According to the laws enacted by the Marylebone Cricket Club or MCC, a cricket team is usually made up of eleven players including the captain. However, even though the law says that there should be eleven players, a few more players can be kept in the team. It helps to plan the team. But only eleven players will stay on the field.






Rules for keeping extra players in cricket

According to rules made by the Marylebone Cricket Club or MCC, if a fielder is injured during a match, an additional player may be allowed to enter the field instead. However, the extra player cannot bat, cannot bowl, and cannot even perform the duties of wicket-keeper or captain. In other words, the extra player is only allowed to field.






If the main player recovers, the spare player can be taken off the field and the main player can be sent to field. Moreover, if the batsman cannot score runs due to injury, then he can continue batting and in this case the runner can assist him. Otherwise, the starting player will be treat as a retired heart and will return to the pavilion. Later on recovery he will come back to bat and be allow to complete the rest of the innings.







How many umpires will there be to conduct a cricket match?

As per MCC rules, there will normally be two umpires to officiate a cricket match. They are engage in managing the match according to the rules of the game. The umpires usually draw the attention of the scoreboard with the help of some special signal and the scorer counts the runs or wickets on the scoreboard according to the signal given by the umpire.




Sometimes, if the umpire has a problem in making the right decision. He can take help from the 2nd umpire on the field or the 3rd umpire off the field. In this case the Chief Umpire’s decision is consider final. Various rules of cricket and some basics of cricket






Application for dismissal

While the decision of the umpire or director is consider final during the conduct of cricket or any game. There is an opportunity to take a review against the decision of the umpire in cricket.




If the bowler thinks the batter is out after the bowler has bowled, the bowler and the other players will call out in unison to “house that”. The umpire will then decide and if it appears to be out he will signal the batter out by raising his finger. However, if the umpire does not give out considering that it is not out, and the bowlers or fielders do not agree, they can ask the umpire for a review.





Dismissal application is not applicable if directly bolded. Leg before the wicket or caught out, most teams usually ask for a review to check whether the ball hit the bat.







How many scorers are there during a cricket match?

There are two scorers during a cricket match. They follow special signals from the umpires on the field to include certain number of runs, wickets or other things on the scoreboard. Various rules of cricket and some basics of cricket

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