The world is cutting the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh!

What was and what happened. Radical changes in the intervening four decades. After becoming independent in 1971, Bangladesh is in ruins. Food and medicine shortage. Both are needed to survive. Sujala Sufla is still a blood stain on the soil of Bangladesh. Threatened farmers are afraid to go to the field. The world is cutting the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh!






Although the food resources are poor in neighboring countries, where is the medicine? Standing next to the patient in the bed, the doctor is telling you to write the prescription, you have to collect all these medicines. If not, there is nothing to do. Medicine is not a cloud in the sky that rains down. 20 percent of medicines are manufactured in the country with great difficulty. Where will the remaining 80 percent come from? Pakistan could give. They stopped giving. In other words, understand the burning sensation of becoming independent.





Multinational drug companies in Europe and America are also reluctant to provide drugs. Tell them plainly, give the dollar, take the medicine. The newly independent country had zero-dollar reserves. Hungary in Eastern Europe stood by Bangladesh in difficult times. Pharmaceutical companies there, Egis, Gayden, Richter Chiron, MediPress agreed to supply medicines to Bangladesh. They said they would give medicine in barter system or in exchange for goods. This is getting the moon. Bangladeshi jute and other raw products started going to Hungary. Medicine came instead.





It is not honorable to save at the mercy of others. Slowly medicine production started in Bangladesh. Hands on the heads of foreign companies. Losing the market of Bangladesh is a big loss. In 1982, the Foreign Medicines Control Ordinance was issued. The pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh has blossomed like a flower from a bud. Currently, Bangladesh is at the top of the world’s 48 underdeveloped countries in drug production. 24000 brand medicines of 257 companies. Annually 25 thousand crores of medicines are going abroad to meet the needs of the country. Exports are increasing rapidly. Employment is two lakhs. On the other hand, Pakistan is now in turmoil. The ebb and flow of their drug industry. Bangladesh does not even have the mouth to ask for medicine to meet the shortage.






Most of Bangladeshi drugs go to Myanmar. Then to Sri Lanka. Exports doubled in five years. Exports in 12 months are more than 8 million dollars. The cost of importing raw materials will be stop in 10 years. Bangladesh will create what is need. Then the export will increase to 3 billion dollars. At present, the garment industry is the leading exporter. The export of medicines will surpass them in terms of money. Beximco is a drug export channel.





In 1992, Penicillin was sent to Iraq, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Korea. Paracetamol takes the next place. Carvedilol will go now. With US approval, there are no restrictions on exporting this rare drug to treat heart disease. Currently, Bangladeshi medicines are going to 160 countries. The demand is continuously increasing. There is no more crisis in dollar reserves due to excess exports. Bangladesh is saving the world with life-giving medicine. That drug is the tide of life in the economy of Bangladesh.

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