refund of train tickets

Rules for refund of train tickets

We almost buy train tickets in advance before traveling by train. But many times our tour gets canceled due to some reason. In that case, how to return the booked train ticket and what are the rules? In this post we will know about online train ticket refund rules, e-ticket refund Bangladesh, online train ticket refund rules. Rules for refund of train tickets






Return e-ticket to Bangladesh

The rules for e-ticket refund or online ticket refund in Bangladesh have been slightly change. Previously, a full refund of the ticket price was grant if the ticket was returned 5 days prior to travel.

But this time has now been change to 2 days or 48 hours and the minimum has been reduce to 6 hours. However, a service charge will be deducted for refunds in these cases.






Rules for refund of train tickets

In order to return the train ticket, you must inform the station counter about the return of the ticket a certain time before the journey. Ticket refunds will be subject to time varying charges.

You can refund your purchased train tickets up to 12 hours in advance. You will not receive a full refund in the event of a ticket return. Some additional charges may be deduct.






Online train ticket refund rule in Bangladesh

At present there is no online train ticket refund system in Bangladesh. You have to go to the station counter in person to return the ticket.

We hope Bangladesh Railway may bring this facility. Many will benefit from it. It turns out that we are buying tickets online from far away. In that case it is impossible and not financially viable to go to the station to cancel the ticket.

So if there was an online ticket refund facility, there would be many benefits which goes without saying.






last word

However there is an option to refund train tickets. For many, this would be a boring, time-consuming and unprofitable task.

For those who are purchasing train tickets online from a distance, there is no point in wasting valuable time going to the station and returning the tickets. So online ticket refund facility needs to be add from online profile.

Still those who will return the tickets, hope you will be happy to know about the above rules and charges.

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