Rules for e-passport for children

Rules for e-passport for children

Below 15 years, minors or children’s passport rules, what documents are required, how to apply for e-passport of children online. Rules for e-passport for children





According to the rules of passporting in Bangladesh, any person’s national identity card is required to apply for an e-passport. Since, many people do not get national identity card even after turning 18. So if you don’t have NID card till the age of 18-20 years then you can apply through birth registration.

Generally we mean a person under 18 years of age by minor. But for the purpose of passport application, those below 15 years are considered as children or minors.






E-passport rules

The application process and fee for a minor child and an adult are the same for passport application. There is no difference in application. However, there are some age-wise differences in the required documents.






What does it take to get a passport for small children?

Children aged 1 day to 15 years will need the following documents for passport.







Copy of birth registration certificate
Father’s National Identity Card
Copy of Mother’s National Identity Card







Name, address and phone number of a relative to contact in case of emergency
Photo (if below 6 years)
NOC – NOC or No Objection Letter (in case of children of employees in Govt/Semi Govt/Autonomous Institutions)
Copy of challan for payment of passport fee







birth registration

To apply for passport with birth registration, first make sure that the child’s birth registration number is 17 digits and digital. Digital means registration information is online. Also, it is better if the information is in English.







National Identity Card of parents

Usually the main document for e-passport is NID. In the case of persons age 1 day to 20 years, passport application can be done by birth registration. But in this case, the national identity card number of the parents must be mention in the online application and the photocopy must be submit to the office.






emergency contact

The passport requires the name, address and phone number of a relative to be contacted in an emergency. It can give information and phone number of any other family member or any close relative.







If the child is below 6 years of age, one copy of the child’s passport size photograph must be affixed on the top left side of the printed copy of the application form. It is not required if the child is above 6 years of age.






NOC- NOC (if child of Government Servant)

If you are employed in a government/semi-government or autonomous organization, you must obtain a no-objection certificate from your department to get your child’s passport.

If you are applying for passports simultaneously, you can apply for passports for your dependent spouse and children with an NOC.

Also, even if applying for child’s passport alone, a NOC must be obtained from your department or office in his name.

There will be no police verification in case of passport application with NOC. Besides, you can get an emergency passport for the normal passport fee.







Invoice for payment of fees

The e-passport fee has to be paid through this challan. You can pay the fee online directly from the A Chalan app or from the website through Debit Card, Bkash, Cash and Rocket.

Besides, you can submit this challan from any bank. Challan copy should be submit to passport office along with other documents.






Rules for e-passport for children

Both children and adults have to apply online for e-passport. First apply online. After paying the passport fee, the application should be complete by submitting the challan copy and other necessary documents to the passport office.

Generally a child’s passport application can be done in 2 ways, 1) together with parent’s passport application or 2) child’s passport application separately.

Applying passport together with parents will reduce the hassle. However, the application process, required documents and fees are same in both cases. See e-passport application rules.






How long does it take to get e-passport for children?

The process of e-passport application and passport delivery for adults and children is the same. Normal delivery times may vary slightly.

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