Rules for applying for online birth registration 2022

online birth registration 2022

At present we need some government document for every job. Birth registration is especially important. Today we will discuss how to apply for birth registration online. At present the need for school enrollment, corona vaccine registration and birth registration for various jobs is being observed very much. Rules for applying for online birth registration 2022.

It is mandatory for the child to have birth registration in order to enroll the child in school. And in this case, it is very important that the birth registration of the parents be digital i.e. 17 numbers.

Many of the birth registrations we did earlier did not go digital.

Especially at that time the number of birth registrations was 16 digits. However, as a result of the current digital, it has become 17 digits. And this is why many parents are in trouble when it comes to registering the birth of a child.

You can read our previous post about whether your birth registration has gone digital and get the necessary information from here. Read this post to know if your birth registration has gone digital.

Online birth registration verification

Today we will discuss about online birth registration application. So let’s start without further ado.

Rules for online birth registration

First you have to search Google for the rules of applying for birth registration online. Or you can enter the site directly by clicking here. After entering here, such a site will open.

Notice the screenshots below. From here, proceed to the next step by ticking the specified place. If you want to get birth registration from your own address then mark the place of birth exactly.

Or you can select permanent address or current address.

  • Names must be written correctly in Bengali and English.
  • Write everything in Bengali where you are aske to write in Bengali and in English where you are aske to write in English.
  • In order to set the date of birth, the child’s ticker card must be attached. And must have the necessary documents to prove the date of birth.
  • Parents must provide digital birth registration number.
  • National identity card number must be provided if required.

There is no problem in not having the option to write the names of father and mother in English. Click on Next.
If the permanent address and the current address are the same, fill in one and tick the other.
Enter the permanent address and current address nicely.

Once everything is written, click next.

Select from here for whom you are going to take birth registration. If your own. If you are the father or mother of the child then select it. Other guardians must provide information.
And provide your mobile number.

If all goes well, upload the required documents.

To register a birth you must upload a scanned copy of the parent’s digital birth registration. Attach the tax receipt. And in case of proof of birth of the child or children, the vaccinator must be attach.

And must be given if the father and mother have national identity cards.

Once everything is attach, take a look at the preview and click on the submit option.

Once submitted, print and submit the print copy to the specified union or councilor’s office where you have applied for birth registration. And pay a fixed amount of fees. No fee is require if the child is 0 to 45 days of age. Within 3-5 days you will receive your birth registration certificate.

Apply for the required certificate online.

Rules for applying for online birth registration 2022

Then I will come another day till today to inform you on another subject. Until then, all will be well, Allah Hafez.

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