Rules applying for old age allowance online 2022

Elderly Allowance-The ‘Elderly Allowance’ program was introduce in FY 1996-97 to provide social security. Enhance the status of the elderly, destitute and low-income senior citizens of the country. Initially, in every ward of all the Union Parishads of the country. 10 poor senior citizens including 5 men and 5 women were brought under 100 rupees per month allowance. Later all the municipalities and city corporations of the country were including in this program. Rules applying for old age allowance online 2022.

Old age allowance

In order to double the number of elderly beneficiaries by 2022. The number of elderly beneficiaries has been increase from 20 lakh to 22 lakh 50 thousand. Monthly allowance has been increase from 250 as a pledge to implement the election manifesto of the present government. From 300 rupees. In the financial year 2021-22, 57 lakh 01 thousand elderly persons will be given allowance at the rate of Rs.500 per month. In the current financial year 2021-22, the allocation is Rs. 2000 crore. 3444.54 crore in this sector. In the last four years, almost 100% success has been achieve in the distribution of old age allowance. Due to the intensive supervision of the highest level of government. The relentless work of the officers and employees of all levels of the Department of Social Services.


Steps have now been taken to ensure greater transparency. Accountability in the old age allowance program and to make it universally acceptable. In order to include more women in the allowance program by amending the implementation policy formulated in 2013. The age of women has been reduce from 65 years to 62 years.

Click to download the Elderly and Widow Allowance Application Form.

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4. Rules applying for old age allowance online 2022

Rules for applying for old age allowance

There are many old people in the village. There is a good idea about who will get this allowance. The government has launched a digital information service called Information Window to give an idea about the process of applying for an old age allowance online. Through this, digital services are reaching the doorsteps of the people. From this information window, you can easily get the information of old age allowance. And for this, some rules have to be follow. Find out –

When filling out an online application, carefully complete each step of the form verify thoroughly before clicking the send button. No wrong or incomplete application for negligence will be accept. Fill in the required information in one step and enter the next step. As you enter the next step, the information from the previous step will be automatically store in the system.

Old age allowance

1. Be sure to fill in the red star boxes on the application form. Other room admission is optional.

2. If payment/payment is an issue at the time of application, pay by mobile banking or e-invoice.

3. Upload the photograph (if applicable) and signature on the application form and upload all the documents to be submitt with the application by clicking on the “Attach” option (size specified).

4. From the “Choose Office” option, select the office to which you want to send the application

5. Then click on the ‘Send’ button. After sending the application you will receive a receipt. Save it. You can then click on the “Last Status of Application” button to know the latest progress through this number.

7. It will be save as a draft in your system until you submit the application. You can send it later.

Goals and Objectives

(1) Socio-economic development and social security of the elderly population;

(2) to increase their status in the family and society;

(3) to strengthen their morale through financial aid;

(4) To assist in increasing the supply of medicines and nutrients.

Candidate selection

(A) Citizenship: The candidate must be a permanent citizen of Bangladesh.

(B) Age: Preference should be given to the oldest person.

(C) Health status: He who is physically disable, that is, completely disabled, should be given the highest priority.

(D) Socio-economic status:

(1) In the case of financial situation: Priority should be given to the poor, refugees, and landless.

(2) In the case of social status: Widows, divorce, widows, childless, people separated from the family should be given priority.

(E) Land ownership: In this case, if the amount of land of a person other than Bastavita is 0.5 acre or less, he will be consider as landless.

Eligibility and conditions for receiving an allowance

(1) Must be a permanent resident of the area concerned;

(2) Must have birth registration / national identification number;

(3) Age should be minimum of 65 years for men and a minimum of 62 years for women.

The age fixed by the government from time to time should be taken into consideration;

(4) The average annual income of the candidate should be less than Rs. 10,000 (ten thousand);

(5) Must be electe by the selection committee.

Note: National Identity Card, Birth Registration Certificate, SSC / Equivalent Examination Certificate should be consider in determining the age. In case of any dispute, the decision of the concerned committee will be final.

Ineligibility to receive an allowance

(1) if a government employee receives a pension;

(2) holding a VGD card as a distressed woman;

(3) if any other regular government grant/allowance is receive;

(4) If regular financial grant/allowance is available from any private organization / social welfare organization.

Rules applying for old age allowance online 2022

Rules applying for old age allowance online 2022

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