Regular tooth brushing reduces the risk of heart disease

Regular tooth brushing can reduce your heart disease risk. The word may be dismissed by many, or the matter may be considered ridiculous by many. But it’s true. This has been stated in the results of a recent study. Physiatry and Prevention published the study. Regular tooth brushing reduces the risk of heart disease




Brushing teeth reduces the risk of heart disease

The study was conduct on 161,286 individuals cover by the Korean National Health Insurance. At baseline, none of them had any heart-related disease such as heart failure, irregular heartbeat or heart valve problems. The research has been done for about 10 and a half years. Each individual underwent a medical test at the beginning of the study.




Brushing teeth reduces the risk of heart disease

Apart from examining their oral health, their height, weight, lifestyle, and oral health reports were also collect. The risk of heart failure and atrial fibrillation is reduce by 12 and 10 percent respectively after brushing your teeth three times a day. Where is the relationship between tooth brushing and heart disease? Such questions may arise.




Brushing teeth reduces the risk of heart disease

There is very little research relating oral health to cardiovascular health. The Journal of Dental Research published a study in 2016 that looked at the effect of dental implants. The study involved people with coronary syndrome (a syndrome that can lead to heart disease). Oral hygiene and heart disease are the topics of the new study.




Brushing teeth reduces the risk of heart disease

Its researchers say that if the teeth are unclean, many harmful bacteria grow. They contaminate the blood, causing inflammation. And this is why atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat can occur. In addition, it increases the chances of heart failure. Heart valves are damage by bacteria in the bloodstream, a condition call endocarditis.




Brushing teeth reduces the risk of heart disease

The heart has three layers. These are call pericardium, myocardium and endocardium. Inflammation of the innermost layer of the endocardium is call endocarditis. Inflammation of the endocardium is cause by bacterial infection. Bacteria enter through the mouth, enter the blood and infect the endocardium. It damages the heart.




Brushing teeth reduces the risk of heart disease

Research also shows that not only brushing at home, but also those who regularly clean their teeth, have a much lower risk of heart disease. Besides, tooth brushing also reduces tooth decay and any infections such as gingivitis. They cause inflammation in the body. And due to inflammation, there is danger of stroke and heart attack. Therefore, the advice of cardiologists is to keep the teeth clean regularly.




Brushing teeth reduces the risk of heart disease

But if one cannot brush three times a day, there is no reason to stress. Above all, keeping teeth healthy is important. If you don’t brush your teeth, you will get heart disease and if you don’t, the researchers don’t say that. According to them, keeping the teeth clean regularly prevents the growth of bacteria, which is good for health. The risk of heart disease will decrease slightly. However, apart from brushing your teeth, you should also do regular physical exercises, eat vegetables and fruits, and keep yourself away from anxiety.

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