AdSense Account Banned

How to prevent AdSense Account Banned?

Usually, with few quality posts and few pageviews, it is very easy to get an Adsense account approved but once approved it becomes very difficult to retain and earn. In most cases, it is seen that an AdSense publisher does not know the AdSense policy or does not know the proper rules for using AdSense ads, and the Google Adsense account acquired after a long period of difficulty gets banned or disabled in a short time. You know that once an Adsense account is banned or disabled, that account cannot be recovered. How to prevent AdSense Account Banned?






AdSense Account Banned

When it comes to using an Adsense account, you can say that it is more difficult to protect freedom than to gain it. Because if you follow a few rules in AdSense approval, Adsense will be approved, but you have to follow thousands of rules to keep AdSense or prevent it from being banned. If you do not follow those rules properly, the Adsense team will ban your AdSense account at any time without giving you any kind of notification. Hence it can be seen that approving an AdSense account is as easy as gaining independence and securing an AdSense account is more difficult than securing independence.






AdSense Account Banned

Only those of you who have had your Adsense account banned or disabled before can understand this pain. One of my AdSense accounts got banned long ago. At that time I had about $180 in my Adsense account. I could not withdraw any money from my account due to the Adsense account ban. I contacted the google Adsense team several times to recover my banned AdSense account but somehow they did not restore my Adsense account. Moreover, you also know that after a website’s Adsense account is banned, no new Adsense account approval can be obtained through that website. That is, once a blog is banned, the entire way to re-authorize Adsense is closed.






In today’s post, we will discuss some of the main reasons for getting an AdSense Account Banned. Also, I will discuss how to protect an AdSense Account from being Banned or Disabled. Moreover, according to the instructions of Google AdSense, I will present the complete way of how to protect the reason for the AdSense Account being banned and disabled.








Before starting the main topic, let me clear one thing to protect your hard-earned AdSense Account from being banned, you must stay away from all tricks and use AdSense by following AdSense’s complete guidelines. Because Google is now very smart, clever, and intelligent.





Google Adsense uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for their ad analysis. So whatever illegal tricks you follow to increase your income, Google will easily detect it. An AdSense account is usually banned for the following reasons.








Most Adsense accounts are banned or disabled due to invalid clicks. Most new Adsense publishers try to increase their income by clicking on their own ads on their blogs. In this case, many people change their IP address through VPN and click on their own ads after a while. Moreover, he encourages his friends to click on the blog’s advertisement. You think Adsense will not understand them and your income will increase. I am warning you that your AdSense Account will be Banned very soon if you do this kind of work. Because thousands of Adsense accounts are disabled every day due to Invalid Click.






Also, note whether any of your blog visitors are constantly clicking on ads or not. Because if someone deliberately clicks a lot of ads on your blog, your AdSense account may be banned. In many cases, some people violently do this to disable Adsense. If faced with such a problem, inform the Google Adsense team via email as soon as possible. Then Adsense will understand your email and justify it without banning the account.








Invalid Activities is another major reason for getting an AdSense Account Banned. There are many aspects of Invalid Activities. If you repeatedly visit your blog post, it will also be considered as Invalid Activity. Moreover, if you try to automatically increase page views using any kind of software, it will also be Invalid Activity. Apart from this, if you increase Page Impressions through any kind of paid traffic in exchange for money, it will be considered an Invalid Activity.






03. Adsense Code Change:

The code that Google Adsense provides to display ads can never be changed. Because using the AdSense code by changing it is completely against the rules of AdSense. There are people who convert Adsense code and change ad design. You should clearly know that Google will ban your AdSense account at any moment if you do this.







04. Copyright Content:

In most cases, it is seen that everyone shares good quality unique articles on blogs before Google Adsense approval. However, after AdSense approval, blog/website content becomes more focused on income. As a result, without writing a unique article, he started copying high-quality content from various good blogs and sharing it on the blog. By doing this, Google bots can easily detect copyrighted content and report it to Adsense. Moreover, when the real owner of the copyright content reports to Google about the content of your blog and informs about the use of Adsense in the copyright content, then the AdSense team will ban your AdSense account permanently.






05. Inadequate content:

As you must know, the Google AdSense team has canceled AdSense Ad Usage Counting Policy since 2018. As a result, you can use as many ads as you want on your blog. Also, Google Adsense has made another thing clear you can use as many ads as you want, but where you are using ads, the ads should not be more than the content. Due to not understanding this issue, many people get banned from AdSense accounts due to using more ads with less content.






06. Use of advertisements in inappropriate places:

In order to increase the CTR of AdSense, most of the AdSense publishers use the trick of placing the ad code in inappropriate places in the content. For example – by placing an advertisement near the download link, click on the above location to download or click on the above location to download the interesting features. By doing this, a reader is mistakenly encouraged to click on the ad. As a result, the number of clicks on Adsense increases. Google Adsense has declared such actions as completely illegal.







07. Other advertising uses:

Google Adsense does not completely prohibit the use of other advertisements alongside their ads. But they say there are some ad companies that aren’t fully supporting their use case. If you use AdSense as well as less important ads on blogs like Info link, your AdSense account may be banned at any time. Moreover, it should be noted that the advertisement of other companies should not be more than AdSense in any way.







08. Illegal Content:

Apart from copyright, there are many other types of illegal content that Google never approves for sharing online. If you take a closer look, you may find that there are many good movie-sharing sites online which are very popular and have a lot of visitors on their blogs. But there is no AdSense advertisement on that website. Because such websites illegally share the movie without the permission of the owner. As a result, Google does not approve of Adsense on them. After getting AdSense approved on your website, using any such illegal content may get your AdSense Account Banned. Illegal content includes the following:







Pornography and Adult Content.
vindictive matter.
Racial violence.
Hacking and cracking.
Gambling and gambling dens.
Promotion of drugs, and alcohol.
Arms and ammunition.
Students are wrongly educated.
Child Risky Content.


Never use Adsense on blogs/websites in languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat Google Adsense does not support. Previously, when Adsense did not support the Bengali language, many Adsense publishers got their AdSense accounts banned for using Adsense on Bengali content blogs. But now because AdSense supports the Bangla language, there is no problem related to language. However, if you are blogging in any other language, check whether your desired language is supported by Adsense or not. Moreover, this problem has become very inadequate as every blog has to be approved for using AdSense.







10. Other reasons for ADSENSE ACCOUNT BANNED:

Apart from all the above reasons, you need to be more careful while using Adsense. If you use ads without following all the rules of AdSense, you cannot say that your AdSense account is completely safe. Apart from the above reasons, your AdSense account may be banned for the following reasons.
Using AdSense in Popup of Blog/Website.
Use sticky ads in sidebars or elsewhere.
Placing ad code on unsanctioned blogs (new update 2019).
Using ads on previously banned blogs.
Use of ads on the login page, welcome page, and 404 error page.







How to prevent ADSENSE from being BANNED?

From the above 10 main reasons for getting an AdSense account ban, you have already understood what you need to do to prevent an AdSense account from being banned. To keep an AdSense account fully secure, apart from the above steps, some other security measures should be adopted. If you follow all the steps to keep Adsense account safe, your Adsense account will never get banned.
Now we will discuss according to Google AdSense’s own instructions based on the question, what should you do to keep your AdSense account completely safe?








Accidentally clicked on my blog ad! Will there be any kind of problem?
Answer: Google Adsense says it is not allowed for an Adsense publisher to click ads on their own blog. But if we make a mistake or two, we will look at it differently. But if you repeatedly click on your ad it will not be accepted and your AdSense account will be banned.








What should I do if someone intentionally clicks on my blog ad?
Answer: In this case, first you need to research how where your blog ads are being clicked or viewed. You can check the cause of invalid clicks from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and other means of research. You can report the researched traffic to the AdSense team through the AdSense Form. They will verify your case and check your security. Also, you can inform the Google Adsense team about blocking desired Invalid IPs.








Can I see ads on my blog? It will be a problem or not?
Answer: Adsense welcomes you in this regard. You can definitely see your blog ads and they won’t get any Invalid Impressions. But one thing is a warning that you don’t visit your blog again and again without any reason and don’t refresh a page again and again. The reason, excessive visits to your blog and an increase in pageviews make it possible to get banned from AdSense.








Can I block my own IP or block someone else’s IP so that my pageviews don’t count?
Answer: Google Adsense does not yet allow blocking someone’s IP. But they say they are working to connect the matter. It is recommended to use AdSense Publisher Toolbar to protect your AdSense account from Invalid Click and Invalid Impression.








Will there be any problem visiting the blog/website by changing the IP address?
Answer: Normally there will be no problem. But if you visit or click repeatedly, you will face problems. Google Adsense says not to do this.







All of a sudden my blog has a huge increase in visitors, will there be any problem with my AdSense account?
Answer: In this regard, Adsense says that your blog traffic may increase at any time. It’s not a problem. But you need to see if your Adsense CTR is correct or not. A large increase in CTR is likely to cause problems. Usually, CTR is between 15% and is not a problem. Moreover, you have to keep an eye on whether your traffic is valid or not. If everything goes well, a sudden increase in visitors will not be a problem.









Can I use the search box myself in case of using Adsense in Google Custom Search Box?

Answer: In this regard, Adsense directly prohibits you do not use the Google Custom Search Box in searching for posts on your own blog. But there will be no problem if others use it.








Q-8: What is meant by Invalid Traffic?

Answer: Clicking and repeatedly visiting your own blog unnecessarily or clicking. Repeatedly visiting by others or auto-clicking and visiting with the help of any bot and software is call Invalid Traffic. But Google says Invalid Traffic is not limit to these only. Outside of these, there is much more invalid traffic.







Tips to keep Adsense account safe:

I think you already know all the tricks to avoid getting an AdSense Account Banne. If an Adsense publisher follows all the above rules properly. I think the Adsense account will never be disable. If you are a WordPress user, you can use the AICP Plugin to protect your Adsense account. This will protect your Adsense from repeated clicks. But if you are using Blog Spot you should check your AdSense CTR frequently. You can use the AdSense mobile app to easily and repeatedly check CTR. If for some reason your AdSense CTR is too high, remove the ad code from the blog and inform the AdSense team.

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