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How to Install Recent Posts Widget with Thumbnail on Blogspot

Today I will try to present you with another blogspot-related tutorial. As you might have guessed by the title of the tutorial content. More recent post-related widgets are available. Blogger has several recent post widgets in its own gallery. But the widget I will discuss will display the first image of the blog post as a thumbnail in the widget bar. How to Install Recent Posts Widget with Thumbnail on Blogspot






So let’s stop talking and see the real evidence. First of all, log in to blogger ID and go to Design from Dashboard. Click on Add a widget from Page Element and get the HTML/Javascript widget. Then leave it untitled or add the following code with the recent post title-







Widget customization

You can change the value of the code marked red above as per your template size.







box width – width of the widget

cell spacing – distance between cells (code’s default value is best)

borderColor – border color (give the background color of the widget according to the template)

thumb width & thumb height – Thumbnail width and height (code default values ​​are best)

font size – font size of the title







color – title color

aBold – Set the value to true if you want the title to be bold and false if you don’t want it.
numposts – The value of how many posts to display in the widget

home_page : (give your blog URL)

Please download this javascript and edit it as per the below instructions.

Now let’s come to a small modification. After you have placed the code on your blog, open the post in another tab of your browser. At the very bottom of the post, you will see a link like the image below.

Modification Here is a written Widget for bigganprojukti users. You can change it and set your own identity.








So here you are first

If you go to the address, you will get a Javascript code. Open Notepad and paste the code and save it in .js format and save it with Save as type-all files before saving.





At the very end of the code is written Widget For Bigganprojukti Users Give a name of your choice here. Shortly before that






You will get the link and place your link there.

Once saved, go to this site and upload the .js file with your e-mail address. A link will be sent to your email. Replace the link with the link at the end of the code above. Thumbnail on Blogspot

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