How to cancel cox internet

How to cancel cox internet, Price Hikes, Internet Speeds, Avoid Surprise Fees

If you are dissatisfied with Cox High-Speed Internet service because of price, performance, or any other reason, it is time to move on. They won’t let you go, just like any respectable organization would do anything they can to keep you on board. It is possible that they will charge you cancellation fees if they lose your business. How to cancel cox internet, Price Hikes, Internet Speeds, Avoid Surprise Fees.


This article will guide you through how to cancel Cox’s internet service in a way that’s both effective and won’t cost you a fortune.

Why Cancel Cox?

As a leading internet service provider (ISP) for years, Cox Communications is not without its faults, as is any provider. Your decision to cut ties with Cox may be driven by several factors. Here are some of them.

Price Hikes:

When Cox has no to little competition in an area, you should always be aware of their rate increases. Cox would add an additional three to five dollars to their monthly statement every year at the same time. Over time, this can mean hefty increases in your monthly bill even if it does not seem like a lot of money at first. Several other users were frustrated with the increase in their Cox Communications bill of $55 to over $80 over just a few years. Cox offers a variety of deals, so you may be able to negotiate a lower internet price with the company if you are faced with this scenario.

Internet Speeds:

Cox’s customers are generally satisfied with their internet connection in most cases, but some have complained that they don’t get the advertised speeds.

Others claim that their connection is constantly down. Usually, the problem arises from weather or maintenance.

Cox Communications can be canceling your service for those motives and extra:

  • To save money by way of switching to a extra cheap ISP
  • Avoid hidden fees
  • To find better customer service
  • Better performance and internet speeds

Effective Steps to Cancel Your Internet Service

You’ve probably been present with a long series of questions by an automate voice system if you’ve ever call Cox Communications before. You will be request to input your account and billing information prior to speaking with an actual human representative.

You’re likely to be asked more questions when you finally speak with someone in the customer care department.

Cox will fight hard for your business! Here are a few things you can do to help streamline the cancellation process:

Step 1: Give Them A Call

You will have to cancel your Cox service over the phone since Cox does not allow cancellations online. To contact a customer care representative in the retention department, call and follow the automated menu.


Number for cancellations: (866) 961-0027

In an effort to keep you on board, the retention department is their “last resort.” The retention department is well-versed in negotiating, as well as making offers sound appealing. When you call, make sure you’re prepared to cancel if anything goes wrong.

Step 2: Have a Solid Excuse Prepared

The best excuse for successfully terminating service is one that is solid. When you contact our retention team, one of the first questions is: “Why are you cancelling with us? us? us?.” If you respond with a weak reason, they will make excuses all over you.

In response to this question, if you just say: “I’m moving,” they will immediately ask “where to,” and begin searching if their services are available in that area. They then will continue their sales pitch to maintain your interest.

You need a detailed explanation that will be challenging for them to understand in order to avoid this awkward situation.


These reliable excuses will simplify your cancellation experience and speed up the process:

When I move back home, I will be living with my parents/friends/significant other, and they already have another Internet service provider.

  • I just began a brand new activity, and my employer is purchasing all of my services.
  • I simply had a brand new [other ISP] modem installed at my house; need to cancel Cox.
  • I’m transferring out of the country for paintings.

These are only a few examples. The intention is to make it clear that there may be no use in seeking to get you to stay on with them. Excuses consisting of those ones are effective in slicing the duration of your communication down by using reducing the wide variety of useless questions and gives from the retention consultant.

Step 3: Be Firm With Them

Of path, you need to be well-manner and pleasant as well. Cox representatives are human beings too. however, canceling your Cox excessive speed internet provider requires you to be assertive and firm.

Remember that you could have the finest excuse in the world. The client care representative may additionally nevertheless be obligate by using Cox Communications guidelines to insist you maintain their offerings. They will probably provide you reductions, special promotions, and incentives in an try to sway your choice as properly.

In this example, be very clear, and in a typical manner tell them which you genuinely are unable to stay with them and which you want to cancel your Cox net service.

Step 4: Get All the Cancellation Details

At the realization of your cancellation call, it’s miles critical that you verify all of the details of your provider termination. There’s nothing worse than sitting there on the cellphone for 45 mins just to discover that your account continues to be lively and that you have to name once more to copy the complete manner.

Make certain to invite the consultant in the retention branch to affirm that your net carrier has been completely cancel. it’s also sensible to invite if there’s any gadget that needs to be return.

How To Avoid Surprise Fees

This is wherein matters begin to get a touch tricky. if you’ve been paying a daft quantity for your net provider, the ultimate thing you want to do is have to pay extra cash simply to cancel. The fact is that Cox Communications, not simplest wants to charge you early termination charges, however, they may also try to hit you with expenses related to uninstalling and removal of the system.

Is there a way around these fees?

There are some ways to lessen your final Cox invoice by using avoiding prices, but there’s one aspect you have to do first.

Plan Ahead:

If at all possible, it’s miles quality to cancel your net service at the top of your provider agreement.

Cox internet provider agreements normally last twelve months. these agreements assist you to cancel your provider at the end of the 12-month length, or within 30 days of the start of the cycle. Any cancellations out of doors of this time frame may want to you as much as a $a hundred and twenty early termination rate.

those expenses can potentially double if your net is a part of cable tv and speak to the package deal.

that is wherein the planning comes in; do the math, will you be better off paying the early terminations costs, or could you keep out for a few months and keep away from them altogether?

Unreturned Equipment Fees

All net provider terminations with Cox Communications require devices together with modems and routers are to be lower back. Failure to do so will bring about a hefty price.

it is also important to word that to avoid unreturned equipment costs, all Cox Communications devices should be lower back inside ten calendar days.

Cox may additionally attempt to get you to conform to a “technician pickup,” which is only a sneaky manner to price you a further $20 via unplugging your device and taking it with them.

You’ve got some alternatives to keep away from paying these extra prices:

Return to Retail Store

in case you don’t thoughts riding to the closest Cox retail store, you can without a doubt drop off the system there. How to cancel cox internet?

Return by Mail

you can contact Cox online or over the phone to request a pre-paid box. This lets you return the equipment without having to depart your home.

UPS Drop Off

For customers that can have moved to a place now not serviced by Cox, they do offer a “return anywhere” alternative. This gives you the option to go back Cox device to any US store located in the USA. After you’ve got return all the gadgets. It’s miles still high-quality to touch them one final time to verify that your account is paid incomplete. How to cancel cox internet?

What if Cox Communications is the handiest ISP choice in my location?

In case you live in a place, this is simplest service by Cox, it can be quite hard to completely reduce ties with them. nevertheless, there are steps you could take to shop for some money.

  • “Cut the wire” with Cable. in case you are signed up for a Cox bundle that consists of cable tv. You would possibly keep in mind downgrading to a less difficult plan. this is a surefire way to keep some of your hard-earned cash. Streaming offerings together with Netflix, YouTube tv, Hulu, And Amazon Prime Video are incredible alternatives to cable and are available at a fraction of the charge.
  • Negotiate.

  • Usually in case you wanted to negotiate a lower fee, you could pull out the “I’m going to leave Cox for a less expensive ISP in case you don’t lower my charges” card. But, due to the fact they’re the best alternative to your region, this complicates things a chunk. Your pleasant bet is to firmly specify your frustration with the growing monthly quotes.
  • Insist which you deserve a lower price. they’ll almost continually come down. it could take a whole lot of complaining, but with a little staying power, you’ll be capable of negotiating with Cox to work out a rate that you can stay with.
  • Cancel and Restart beneath some other character’s name. If all else fails, there may be another technique that many Cox Communications customers have used to obtain the lower fees they desire. Cancel your carrier, and install a brand new account underneath a friend, spouse, parent, or sibling call, permitting you to get the right of entry to new consumer pricing.
  • Be warn: this is unstable and may result in termination of your entire provider, leaving you high and dry if Cox is the handiest ISP in your place.

Conclusion: Successfully Ending Your Relationship with Cox

Ditching your ISP can be a frustrating enjoyment. whether you want to absolutely eliminate all your Cox services or just negotiate a decreased month-to-month charge, following these suggestions and tricks should make the overall experience lots much less painful. How to cancel cox internet? How to cancel cox internet?


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