Google instant index details

Google instant index details

What if the pages or posts on our website were indexed by Google in a matter of hours or minutes? That would be a great thing for us. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT for me either. Google instant index details.





In this article we are going to discuss about how we can index any page or post of our website to Google in a very short time using google indexing API key. And we will do this very easily.





Google instant index

Welcome to our Google instant index article. Which only applies to WordPress sites. In this guide we will discuss this topic together and it will be possible for you to index the posts or pages of your website very quickly. And also you can rank very fast after your website is indexed.





By using this excellent method, you will be one step ahead of your competitors. And using this method you can be sure that Google crawls and indexes your site very quickly. As a result, your website has the opportunity to get rank before your competitors. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. So if you follow these steps, you will be able to do these things very easily without any waiting.






What is Google Instant index?

Instant index means that any search engine will quickly put your website in their database and in a very short time will show the URL of your website in the search results. As a result, the user will find your article or content in any search engine results. It basically sends Google directly to its crawler to crawl new content. In a word, it is very easy and in a very short time to index the site. Google launches this feature at some point. It could be towards 2018.





Why is this important?

As I said before, it is very easy to index any post or page of our website very quickly. However, some aspects of it are discussed below:

  • The faster the index, the faster the rank.
  • It is possible to stay one step ahead of the competitors.
  • Increases the chances of your competitors ranking above the competition.
  • A lot of organic search can bring traffic and high ranking etc.

Based on these it is very important.






What is Google Instant Indexing API?

Through the Indexing API, any site owner can notify Google directly if any page of the site is indexed or removed. However, that request applies to specific web pages of the site.





Below are the things that can be done with Indexing API:

  • You can apply for URL updates and indexes of any type of page or post
  • Apply to remove the URL of any page or post
  • You can see the status or request of the page or post.

These are basically the ones that exist in Indexing API.

Important Notice: Indexing API can be used on any type of website. Indexing API can be used on any type of website. However, Google recommends using the Indexing API only on Job Posting and Live Streaming websites. If you are not sure about using Indexing API on any website other than these websites then it is better not to use it on your main site. Because Google only recommends using all these sites (Job Posting, Live Streaming).





What do I need to do to do Instant Index?

That’s a great question. The Google Instant Index process is based on an Indexing API key. So to start our Instant Index process we need to follow these steps below.

  • First we need to create an account in google developer console to get an indexing API key.
  • Second, we need to add the service email of google developer console to our search console.
  • Third, you need to install Instant Index by rank math plugin. With this plugin I can do the work of Instant Index.

How to create an account from Google developer console?

Initially when we enter the Google developer console website ( we will see something like this.

1. After that we have to create a new project. For this we have to click on select a project and then click on New Project.

2. In the second step, if there is a project name and organization, select it and click on create.

3. Then in the third step you will go to this page by clicking here. Select your project, click on continue and then go to credentials a.

Then we have to setup some basics of the project account. Such as – credentials, OAuth consent screen, Domain verification and service account. After completing these few steps, we will get the google instant indexing API key very easily.

Credentials setup

1. Go to credentials a Click on credentials and then a page like this will come up. And you have to fill in these and click on Next.

OAuth consent screen setup

1. After clicking OAuth consent screen, a form will come up to fill it. To do this you need to fill out the form in App information and App domain.

Domain verification setup

1. For this you have to click on Domain verification option and then click on add domain.

2. Then you have to enter your website address here and click on add domain. However, be sure to try to open this account with the email that you opened the google search console.

Service account setup

1. To go to the service accounts page, type service accounts in the search box, search and click on service accounts.

2. After that a page like this will come up, from there you have to click on create service account.

3. After clicking here you have to give Service account details.

4. After clicking on create and continue, click on owner from Select a role and click on continue. After clicking, you have to click on Done.

So far we have completed all the step setup now we will download google instant indexing API key.

Google instant indexing API key download

1. From the service account we have to click on the 3 dot and click on manage key.

2. After that you have to click on Add key from there. Then click on create new key, select JNSO and click on create. And a file will be downloaded immediately.

Google search console account with service account email

1. First we have to go to the search console. From there you have to click on setting.

2. After that click on 3 dots from Users and permissions then click on add an owner.

3. After that we have to copy the email of service account.

4. After that we have to add this mail to google search console from add an owner option.

Install the Google Instant Index plugin and upload the Indexing API key

1. We all know where the plugins of the website are basically installed. For the new ones, I am saying that you can get this rank math plugin by clicking on add new from your site’s plugins, search by typing Instant Index in the search box. Then click on install and click on active.





2. After entering this plugin, a page like this will appear, where you have to upload the downloaded file here. Then click on save changes. After that you can do everything from console.

This way you can easily setup it and instant index your posts or pages.

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