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Google Blogspot blog now supports HTTPS!

What are HTTP and HTTPS: HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and it is transferred through PORT 80 (TCP). On the other hand, HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It is a system developed by Netscape, which encrypts and decrypts your request and exchanges information with the server. Similarly, it encrypts and decrypts the information on the server. Google Blogspot blog now supports HTTPS!







Then the matter can be simply said that HTTP is a normal Web Service through which you can browse the Internet and any third-party website can track your position. On the other hand, HTTPS means that no one can easily track your site through a fully secured service, that is, the purpose of HTTPS is to provide complete security to websites.







Google Blogspot blog is now supporting HTTPS!

Over the past few years, Google has introduced support for Encrypted HTTPS Connections in its search engines, including products such as Gmail and Google Drive. Currently, Google is supporting HTTPS in their search rankings as well. Recently Google also introduced an HTTPS mechanism for Blogspot blogs.






Google’s own two blogs Official Google Blog and Google Online Security Blog are hosted on Blogger Blog Blogspot. Where both blogs are seen using HTTPS.







Google Blogspot blog is now supporting HTTPS!

As a result of this feature of the Blogspot blog, no one can track your site’s privacy and visitors from now on. Moreover, your blog cannot be redirected to any third-party website or hacker to any malicious site.







However, since this system is new, there are some problems. If you are using Custom Domain in your blog, then you cannot enjoy this benefit. However, according to Blogger Support Team, this facility will be introduced for Custom Domain very soon. Now only the domain can enjoy this facility.







How to see:

Login to the blog.
Then click on Settings from the dashboard.
Then you will see your blog address below.

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