Google Blogger or WordPress

Google Blogger or WordPress, which one to use?

Two of the most widely used platforms in the blogging world are “Google Blogger and WordPress“. Both platforms have some distinct advantages and disadvantages. In fact, everything has both good and bad sides. Also “Google Blogger and WordPress” have some distinct differences in terms of usage. But the problem is when we start blogging we don’t know which one is right for us. You can’t come to a correct decision even after taking advice from many people. Regardless of who says what, you have to decide what is right for you. Because this will totally depend on your type of blogging. If you are blogging personally then the topic will be one of a kind. On the other hand, if you want to do a business blog or professional blogging, then the matter will be different. Google Blogger or WordPress, which one to use?







Google Blogger or WordPress, which one to use?

Before choosing whether to use Blogger or WordPress, you need to know two things well. Today we will discuss some pros and cons of Google Blogger and some differences between Blogger and WordPress. Before reading today’s post, you must know about WordPress from this link. Then you can easily decide whether Google Blogger or WordPress, which is suitable for you.







What is Blogger (Blogspot)?

Blogger is a proprietary company run by the world-famous tech giant Google, which is a premium free blogging platform. You can create a personal blog or business blog using this platform. If you are skilled in web development, you can create any type of website using this platform completely free of charge.







Difference between BLOGGER and WORDPRESS:

Below we have listed some of the differences between Blogger and WordPress in a table. From these, you can understand the difference and pros and cons between Blogger and WordPress. (Note: WordPress here refers to WordPress.Org only).







Domain Name

Google Blogger WordPress

In the case of Google Blogger, the domain name will be You can buy it according to your desire for money.
You can use pre-registered domain names if you want. Of course, you have to buy your own domain for 10/12 dollars.
Storage Space








Google Blogger WordPress

Up to 1 GB of free storage space will be given. The required storage space needs to be purchased for a minimum of $4-7 per month.
You can get Storage Space at home by connecting with Google+. In exchange for money, you can take home as much storage space as you want.







Google Blogger WordPress

You can customize the template. Themes are customizable.
Any kind of coding is possible. You can do any kind of coding in it too.







Google Blogger WordPress

Any type of design can be done. It can also be any type of design.
Design can be easily changed by Drag and Drop using Variables. Designing requires coding knowledge of various types of web design.







Google Blogger WordPress

Not allowed to use plugins. Various plugins can be used.
Only a few gadgets can be used. It is possible to use various functions as desired.








Google Blogger WordPress

There are opportunities to use Google Adsense. Google Adsense has to be done manually.

Any type of ad can be monetize. Any kind of ad can be monetize in this too.









It is completely free to use. There are no hidden charges.
It is very easy to use. WordPress doesn’t have a plethora of options. Very easy to use and manage. In particular, new posts can be made very easily.








A blog can be create very easily with just a few clicks.

If you have no idea about web development, then this is perfect for you. Because blogging can be done without coding in it.

It is possible to design a blog template using Variable without modifying the blog code.








Blogger is Google’s own product, and its SEO results are amazing. Because Google has made it search engine friendly by default. It is possible to get good results in search engines with very little time and effort.
As all Blogger articles are hosted from Google’s own servers, their loading speed is relatively good.
You also have the opportunity to buy and use many quality premium templates from various web developers for a few bucks.
Blogger has a specialized application for smartphones, through which you can easily post from your Android or iPhone.
Any problem can be easily found by searching the internet.

There is no chance of the blog getting hack or infected with viruses.
Moreover, Google by default also allows you to use Google Adsense to monetize your blog.









BLOGGER or WordPress?

As I said earlier both are good blogging platforms. But one is completely free and the other requires you to spend $4-5 per month for hosting. However, since you have to buy hosting for money case of using WordPress, you will get some more benefits than Blogger. But my advice would be, if you are new to blogging or want to do blogging personally, then definitely choose Google Blogger. On the other hand, if you want to do business or organization, or professional blogging, then definitely spend some money and do blogging using WordPress. I believe if you read our two posts carefully, you will be able to choose which one is right for you.

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