FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar World Cup 2022, All-Time Schedule

As of March 31, 2022, 29 of the 32 teams are qualifying for the World Cup. The other three teams will be scheduled in mid-June. Once a total of 32 teams have been selected for the qualifiers, the final schedule will be completed with match times optimized for fans, players and media. FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar World Cup 2022, All-Time Schedule.






How many matches will there be in 2022 World Cup?

A total of 64 matches will be played in the 26-day World Cup. There are 64 matches in the group stage and 16 in the knockout round, 4 in the quarter finals, 2 in the semifinals and 1 each in the third place and final. A total of 6 matches will be played.






Where will the 2022 World Cup matches be held?

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held in eight stadiums in and around Doha, Qatar. The venues for the 2022 Qatar World Cup are:

1. Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor
2. Al Ryan Stadium in Al Ryan
3. Al Janub Stadium in Al Wakrah
4. Dohar Al Thumama Stadium
5. Dohar Education City Stadium
6. Doha Khalifa International Stadium
7. Dohar Stadium 974
8. Lucille Lucille Lucille Stadium





All of the World Cup venues are within 48 miles of each other, making the tournament an incredible opportunity for fans to play more than ever before.





Interesting facts about the 2022 World Cup schedule

The 2022 World Cup will be held from November 21 to December 16 and is unique for several reasons:

1. Just 28 days long, the 2022 World Cup will be the shortest tournament since 198 editions.

2. The 2022 World Cup will be the last World Cup tournament where 32 teams will participate. In 2026, the number will go to 48 teams.

3. Although the World Cup is usually held in June and July, Qatar is the host country of 2022. Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup in the winter months to avoid the country’s high summer temperatures.

4. The World Cup will be played for the first time in the Middle East.

5. All host stadiums are within 48 miles of Doha, making it incredibly convenient for fans to participate in multiple matches.





Qatar World Cup schedule

Following is the schedule for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar:

Group stage schedule





Monday, Nov. 21

1. Qatar vs. Ecuador
2. Senegal vs. Netherlands
3. England vs. Iran
4. United States vs. Wales/Scotland/Ukraine





Tuesday, Nov. 22

1. Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia
2. Mexico vs. Poland
3. France vs. UAE/Australia/Peru
4. Denmark vs. Tunisia




Wednesday, Nov. 23

1. Spain vs. Costa Rica/New Zealand
2. Germany vs. Japan
3. Belgium vs. Canada
4..Morocco vs. Croatia




Thursday, Nov. 24

1. Brazil vs. Serbia
2. Switzerland vs. Cameroon
3. Portugal vs. Ghana
4. Uruguay vs. South Korea





Friday, Nov. 25

1. Qatar vs. Senegal
2. Netherlands vs. Ecuador
3. England vs. United States
4. Wales/Scotland/Ukraine vs. Iran





Saturday, Nov. 26

1. Argentina vs. Mexico
2. Poland vs. Saudi Arabia
3. France vs. Denmark
4. Tunisia vs. UAE/ Australia/ Peru




Sunday, Nov. 27

1. Spain vs. Germany
2. Japan vs. Costa Rica/New Zealand
3. Belgium vs. Morocco
4. Croatia vs. Canada




Monday, Nov. 28

1. Brazil vs. Switzerland
2. Cameroon vs. Serbia
3. Portugal vs. Uruguay
4. South Korea vs. Ghana




Tuesday, Nov. 29

1. Netherlands vs. Qatar
2. Ecuador vs. Senegal
3. Wales/Scotland/Ukraine vs. England
4. Iran vs. United States




Wednesday, Nov. 30

1. Poland vs. Argentina
2. Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico
3. Tunisia vs. France
4. UAE/Australia/Peru vs. Denmark




Thursday, Dec. 1

1. Japan vs. Spain
2. Costa Rica/New Zealand vs. Germany
3. Croatia vs. Belgium
4. Canada vs. Morocco




Friday, Dec. 2

1. Cameroon vs. Brazil
2. Serbia vs. Switzerland
3. South Korea vs. Portugal
4. Ghana vs. Uruguay





Round of 16

Saturday, Dec. 3

1. Group A winners vs. Group B runners-up
2. Group C winners vs. Group D runners-up





Sunday, Dec. 4

1. Group D winners vs. Group C runners-up
2. 2. Group B winners vs. Group A runners-up





Monday, Dec. 5

1. Group E winners vs. Group F runners-up
2. Group G winners vs. Group H runners-up




Tuesday, Dec. 6

1. Group F winners vs. Group E runners-up
2. Group H winners vs. Group G runners-up




Quarter Finals

Friday, Dec. 9

1. Quarterfinal 1, TBD vs. TBD
2. Quarterfinal 2, TBD vs. TBD





Saturday, Dec. 10

1. Quarterfinal 3, TBD vs. TBD
2. Quarterfinal 4, TBD vs. TBD




Semi Finals

Tuesday, Dec. 13

1. Semifinal 1, TBD vs. TBD




Wednesday, Dec. 14

1. Semifinal 2, TBD vs. TBD

Third Place




Saturday, Dec. 17

1. Semifinal 1 loser vs. Semifinal 2 loser





Saturday, Dec. 18

1. Semifinal 1 winner vs. Semifinal 2 winner

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