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E-Porcha ই-পর্চা, www.eporcha.gov.bd, Land Services, RS Khatian, Mouza Map Online Application

Through the e-porcha (www.eporcha.gov.bd) (www.bangladesh.gov.bd) portal, Bangladeshi citizens can verify land ownership online at any time and download the ledger. E-Porcha Web Portal is a web service of the Department of Land Ministry of the Government of Bangladesh. From where Bangladeshi citizens can verify land ownership by providing accurate information from any part of the world. Receive necessary land-related documents by post and courier service as soon as possible. E-Porcha ই-পর্চা, www.eporcha.gov.bd, Land Services, RS Khaitan, Mouza Map Online Application. E-Porcha, www.eporcha.gov.bd, Khaitan, Mouza, www.bangladesh.gov.bd




All the processes can be completed by visiting the official e-Porcha website www.eporcha.gov.bd. If you have already used the e-leaflet service, it will seem very easy to you. If you are new, then we are presenting to you step by step step by step considering your benefits. So, follow the path shown to us and easily collect your land ownership and necessary documents sitting at home.



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E-Porcha, www.eporcha.gov.bd, Khaitan, Mouza, www.bangladesh.gov.bd


  • E-Porcha ই-পর্চা
  • www e Porcha gov bd What and its work?
  • E-Porcha online application
  • Rules for verifying land ownership from e-leaflet website

E-Porcha ই-পর্চা:

E-Porcha is a service process where information and communication technology are used to provide land acquisition services to the people. In the past, landowners were harassed for collecting land records. But with the advent of information technology, these documents can now be easily collected from e-service centers in 64 districts of the country. By applying online for this, the applicant can collect various land-related documents such as CS, SA, BS, Duplicate/leaflet/ledger of BRS, or an attested copy.

www.eporcha.gov.bd What and its work?

This is a government website through which land-related information of the Bangladesh government can be collected and verified. The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has made changes in a number of services with the aim of creating a digital Bangladesh, the most notable of which is E-Porcha. Bangladeshi citizens can easily collect any land-related information from e-Porcha website in a digital system and apply for a hard copy from this website. If you are unfamiliar with how the www.eporcha.gov.bd website works and how you collect your information from here, you will find detailed information in this content.

E-Porcha ই-পর্চা online application

Many people are aware of E-Porcha ই-পর্চা www.eporcha.gov.bd and want to apply for e-leaflets online. But maybe at the moment, they don’t know how to apply for e-leaflets online. First, you have to visit the e-leaflet official website www.eporcha.gov.com. The online application link can be found in the menu bar of this website. Click on the online option, select your division, district police station, and address and submit the application form with the required information. This website will provide you with the status of your application if you wish.


Rules for verifying land ownership from e-Porcha website

From the e-Porcha website, you can easily find out the real owner of the land with the landmark number and other information. The e-Porcha is one of the proofs of the efforts made by the Ministry of Land Affairs of the Government of Bangladesh to digitalize their activities. Through the E-Porcha ই-পর্চা www.eporcha.gov.bd website, you can verify the ownership of land from any part of Bangladesh or from any part of the world with the required information. Follow the procedure below and you will get the real information about your land very easily.




Category Selection: Select the category in which you live.
District Selection: Select the name of the district you belong to.
Upozila Selection: Select the name of the district to which you belong.
Mouza Selection: Select the name of your mouza.
Ledger type selection: Select the type of ledger you want to get out.
Ledger No.: Select the land to which you will issue the pamphlet.
Spot Number: Select if you know the spot number.
Owner’s Name: Mention if the owner’s name is mentioned.
Father / Husband’s name: You can give if mentioned.
Captcha Code: Select the captcha code given above and click on the search button.

Collect a certified copy from home

I have so far been able to show you a pamphlet with the landmark number laser number. This leaflet is not a certificate, which means you can use it to conduct normal activities. E-Porcha ই-পর্চা www.eporcha.gov.bd will not be able to give you enough benefits in quotes or other cases. In that case, you have to bring the original copy of this pamphlet from the Ministry of Land.

In this case, the Ministry of Land will send the certified copy to your home by post. When applying for a land deed. You have to choose the option of getting the deed mention in the application form. In case of urgent need of Khatian, you can avail the emergency services of the web portal. Oh, but you have to check the application form for inspection. A certified copy of your land title will be delivered to your house after paying a certain amount to the minister of land.

E-leaflet ledger search (online land ownership verification)

You can use e-ledger method to verify land ownership online. And to verify this ledger, you need to collect the ledger number. Without it you cannot verify land ownership.

  • To verify this, you must access the e-leaflet website provided by the Government of
  • Bangladesh under the Ministry of Lands. https://eporcha.gov.bd/khatian-search-panel
  • Then from there you have to Sylhet section.
  • If you are checking the ownership of the land in a specified section, specify the section.
  • Then you have to select the district, Upazila and mouza respectively.
  • Next, you need to select how you will handle your ledger.
  • Following the name of the owner, the Khaitan No. and Dag No. needs to be included.
  • The latest step is to get a captcha code on the e-leaflet website by clicking on the
  • captcha code search button.
  • The Azam information will be display as soon as you click the search button.

Download e-ledger or leaflet

The information you receive about land verification is not your certificate. Only you, as the parent can know for sure. For code or other e-leaflets, however, you will not be able to reap the benefits.

In this case you have to collect the original paper or original copy from the land ministry in exchange for money. However, before collecting this letter, you have to send it to the Certified Committee by the Ministry of Land.

Please visit https://eporcha.gov.bd/khatian-search-panel first

  • Category Selection: Select your own category here.
  • Choosing the appropriate district: Choose the district you belong to.
  • You can decide what type of ledger to produce by selecting the Khaitan type.
  • Choose an Upazila: Here, you need to choose your Upazila.
  • You need to decide on a mouza: Here, you should decide on a mouza.
  • Choose the Khaitan of the land that you want to claim.
  • If you know your land’s Dag number, select it here.
  • Ownership Name: If you know the name of the owner, please mention it here.
  • The name of the father or husband must enter if applicable.

Enter captcha code:

Type in the blank space similar to the captcha code mentioned here.

If you want to get a land ledger, then you have to choose the ledger option mentioned in the application form while applying. And even if you have this loss, you can accept the service and after sending a certain amount of money. You will be given a copy of the certifies ledger at your home after a certain time.

E-preaching facility

  • There are many benefits to using an e-porcha website. These benefits are all available if
  • you visit the e-Porcha website, which provides easy access to information about the ownership of land.
  • Utilizing the e-Porcha website, you can check the ledger and DAG numbers of the land to verify ownership.
  • The e-Porcha uses the landlord’s name or the landlord’s father’s name using the website
    that allows you to access the land ledger.
  • Using the e-Porcha website will save you extra money.
  • The e-leaflet website is a trust land-relate website.


We hope that you will be able to know the land ownership verification and other information of the land through e-Porcha website. Bangladesh is moving forward like other countries using technology. Therefore, like all ministries, the Ministry of Land has been transformed into digitization. You can get land information through this website without any hassle. In addition, if you have any problem using this site and want to know other information related to this e-leaflet, you can let us know by commenting.

The land service hotline number

Bangladesh has gone digital. At present, as a result of digitalization, everything is within reach in Bangladesh. The Ministry of Land is no exception. The Ministry of Lands of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has launched their hotline numbers keeping in mind that land offices are more harassed than the general public. You can easily get all the land-related information by calling the hotline number 16122 for any land-related information.

Sit at home and land

Land tax can now be paid at home. For this you have to call 16122. After calling, a person will register with his national identity card. The Union Land Office will get that information. The land office will approve the application by entering the person’s holding. Then the person will get the information of the holding number. The applicant will then call 16122 again and give the holding information. From the call center, the applicant will then receive an SMS or text message on his mobile phone. After that land development tax can be paid within 72 hours with a token number through mobile banking. Digital submissions will be credite to the applicant’s account within 72 hours of payment. However, charges will be applicable for calling 16122.


The land tax can be paid not only by phone but also by applying on the land ministry’s portal land.gov.bd.

According to land ministry sources, the service will be available through development, cash, and means. Taxes can also be paid through a Dutch Bangla Bank debit card.

Leaflet by post

To get the leaflet by post, you have to call 16122 first. Then you have to give the land information along with the national identity card. After applying through the call center, the applicant will get the token number on his mobile phone. The applicant will pay the fee using that number through a mobile phone. To get a certified copy, the applicant has to pay a court fee of 50 rupees and an additional 40 rupees to get this copy by post. When the person will receive the leaflet in his own name, the date will be informer on his mobile phone. Later the leaflet will reach the applicant through the postal department.



Land Ministry sources said that if anyone wants help in filling up the application form if they want to know the updated information of e-Manjari or to lodge any complaint in this regard, they can call 16122. You can also apply by entering land.gov.bd. E-Porcha ই-পর্চা www.eporcha.gov.bd.


It is to be note that various land services started to be digitize with the help of digital technology. Of these, e-namjari has received a huge response. According to land ministry sources, out of about 22 lakh, e-namjari applications in the fiscal year 2020-21, 19 lakh applications have been disposing of. Of the 55 lakh 74 thousand 634 applications receive online till December last year, 44 lakh 14 thousand 319 applications have been disposing off. E-Porcha ই-পর্চা www.eporcha.gov.bd


If you have benefited the least from this post, then we will consider our efforts worthwhile. If you have any questions or comments about the above content, please let us know in the comments. Remember that our real purpose is to be able to help you. E-Porcha ই-পর্চা www.eporcha.gov.bd. 

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