Disability Allowance Online Application

Disability Allowance Online Application

All rules and regulations for Disability Allowance online application will be discussed today. Today’s article is for those who are interested in knowing about Disability Allowance. Disability Allowance Online Application






Bangladesh government is giving monthly allowance to every disabled person. If you are a disabled person or someone close to you with a disability, you can apply for disability allowance online. Your application will be reviewed. If you are eligible for Disability Allowance, they will pay you Disability Allowance every month. With which you will benefit financially. In today’s article we will discuss Disability Allowance Online Application. You can also apply for Disability Allowance through mobile phone.

What is Disability Allowance?

Disability Allowance is the amount of monthly allowance given to disabled persons by the government. There are people with disabilities in our society who are unable to do various activities and have various mobility problems and some amount of money is given to them by the government to help them run their lives.





Bangladesh government is providing this help for every disabled person in Bangladesh. Every disabled person in Bangladesh can apply for disability allowance.

Rules for receiving Disability Allowance

The Bangladesh Government Disability Allowance application is open to all. However, only the applications of disable persons will be accepte there. There are rules for receiving disability allowance if you are a disabled person and have all the documents of disability then you can get disability allowance.
You need to apply for your Disability Allowance online.



You need to add your golden card and other details to verify you are disabled online.

Then you have to complete the online application.

If your online application is complete and then all the details will be verified by you. You will receive your allowance if you are genuinely disabled.






How much is disability allowance?

A question that many disabled people have is how much disability allowance is paid? Every disabled person is given Disability Allowance and this Disability Allowance acts as a financial aid to a disabled person even though it is limited.




If you apply for Disability Allowance and if your allowance is approved. Then <b> each disabled person will get a disability allowance of 850 taka every month. </b> Earlier this allowance was 750 taka which has been increased by 100 takas to 850 taka. You will get disability allowance through your mobile banking. In this case you can get the help of Cash and Bikash Mobile Banking.







Disability Allowance is paid every few months

You will be given disability allowance of Rs.850 every month. However, this money can reach you every few months, that is, you will deposit 850 rupees every month. Then after three months your last three months deposits will reach your mobile phone through Bikash Mobile Banking. Many times you can get this money before three months and also after three months.







When will the disability allowance be given in 2022

When the disability allowance will be given, you will not be able to know for sure. There is no reason to stress as your money will reach you through your mobile banking. And if you want to know more about this, then contact your Union Parishad. Because such information is constantly updated in the Union Parishad. And there is no fixed date for giving disability allowance, this allowance is given differently in each area.







What is required to apply for Disability Allowance online?

“Disability Allowance Online Application”

To apply for Disability Allowance online you must attach some required documents with your application. Be sure to take special care of these papers.

  • Required Documents to Apply for Disability Allowance Online
  • Photocopy of your National Identity Card (if above 18 years.
  • Photocopy of your birth registration card! (If you are under 18.
  • From Golden Card for every Disability, photocopy of your Golden Card.
  • Mobile banking will require a mobile number for cash or development.

Some important instructions before applying

  • You cannot apply for Disability Allowance if you are receiving various allowances from the Ministry of Social Services (such as Old Age Allowance, Widow Allowance, Hijra Community Allowance, etc.).
  • You will be given an opportunity to apply only once. Later if you apply more than once then your application will be rejected.
  • Only persons selected by Ministry of Social Services will be given Disability Allowance.
  • If you have any problem, you can contact the Ministry of Social Services for any allowance.

Disability Allowance Online Application

  • If you want, you can apply for disability allowance online using your mobile phone. So this application process is very easy we have explained the whole thing step by step. Hope you can apply for Disability Allowance online.
    As you are on your mobile, open a browser and paste the website link of the address.
  • Website Link https://mis.bhata.gov.bd/onlineApplication
    “Disability Allowance”
  • Now an interface like your own will show in front of you. Here you are given some instructions. which you should read and after reading you agree by clicking on the button below. Clicking on the accompanying “I understand go to next step” button.
  • Now a new inter page will show you select disability allowance as an activity. Then here you need to complete your application with some important information.

Here you have to provide about 3 types of information For example:

  • Personal information
  • Details as per Disability Allowance
  • Contact information

Here you have to provide your personal information.

Type of Verification:

Select your verification type here. If you want to verify with your National Identity Card then select it otherwise select Birth Registration.

Date of Birth:

  • Here you enter your date of birth.
    Enter your date of birth or National ID card number here.
  • Now you have to give detailed information here according to disability allowance.
    You have to help them by providing almost a lot of information in this chart. For Eg: You have to verify with DIS and DIS code.
  • Then you need to provide some more information. For example your marital status, the number of members in your family, how many children you have, your occupation, your financial status, etc. You should give all the information here.
  • The last step is to provide contact information to contact you.
  • Where do you live, your address, and your mobile number, be careful in giving the mobile number here so that the mobile number is not wrong in any way, and give your mobile banking mobile number i.e. Bikash or cash mobile number and your money will come to this number.
  • Enter your current and permanent address here. And if you have an email address, please provide it here and it will not be a problem if you do not provide it.
  • After giving all the information you will come to the bottom by scrolling and here you will see a button named “Save” click on this button.
  • Then you will apply for Disability Allowance. If you encounter any problems while applying! Then you can contact the Ministry of Social Services and all kinds of cooperation will be provided from the Ministry of Social Services.

Some common questions answered!

How much does disability allowance pay?

Disability allowance is paid at 850 rupees per month. In the financial year 2022-23 this amount of money has been increase by 100 taka which was 750 taka in the last financial year.

When will the disability allowance be given in 2022?

There is no fixed period for the disbursement of disability allowance. If you want to know better about this then contact any person working in your Union Parishad.



Disability card rules?

Please contact your Union Parishad UP member with all your information and necessary documents to get the disability card. Only then will you be issue a disability card.

Where can I get the disabled list for 2022?

You will get the disabled list in your Union Parishad. For this, you can contact your Union Parishad.

last word

Today we discussed disability allowance. We have discussed with you all the rules for applying for disability allowance online and we have shown you how to apply for disability allowance online using a mobile phone. Hope you all understand these things.

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