Child and Maternity allowance application 2022

The discussion today on eligibility and amount of money for applying for child and maternity allowance. Learn more about the rules for how to apply for child and maternity allowance. The Ministry of Women and Children Affairs has introduced an allowance to provide financial assistance to pregnant mothers and children from poor families. Many people do not know how to apply and how much it costs to get the paperwork. We have laid out some rules to alleviate your suffering, I hope you understand. Child and Maternity allowance application 2022.

Child Allowance Application 2022

From this article, you will learn about child and maternity allowance application, eligibility for child and maternity allowance, amount of money, and child card. Useful documentation. How to apply and submit online, withdrawal process. If you are eligible for this allowance, try to read the whole article carefully after not scripting the information below.


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Child Allowance Application 2022

To apply for a child allowance, you must first access the official website of the Ministry of Children and Women’s Affairs of Bangladesh online and submit the application according to the correct rules. Subsequently, an officer under the Ministry of Children and Women’s Affairs verifies the authenticity. If you are eligible for the allowance, you will be given a card in the name of the child card. You can withdraw money through check or mobile banking if you want.

Application Form 2022

Many are eligible for the allowance but do not receive it because they did not apply online. If you read this article carefully, you can safely apply online. So let’s take a look at the required information on child and maternity allowance applications and do not rush to apply for maternity allowance online.

Eligibility for allowance

Maternity Allowance for Poor Mothers is implemented in accordance with the Implementation Policy, March, 2011. Now let’s find out what qualifications are required to get maternity allowance.

  1. The first or second gestation period (any time).
  2. Age at least 20 years or older.
  3. Total monthly income is below Rs. 1500 / -.
  4. Poor disabled mothers will get priority.
  5. Only have a house or have to live in another place.
  6. There is no agricultural land for himself or his family, no pond for fish farming.
  7. Beneficiaries must be pregnant at the time of selection, i.e. in July.
  8. If the child of the first and second pregnancy dies during pregnancy or within 2 (two) years of birth, the
  9. allowance will be given during the third pregnancy.
  10. Beneficiaries will receive maternity allowance for 2 (two) years once in a lifetime.
  11. If the child dies due to any reason or the cycle is incomplete due to abortion, then if she becomes pregnant
  12. again, she will be entitled to get maternity allowance for the next 2 (two) years if other conditions are met.

-If any one of the above-mentioned conditions fulfills at least 5 (five) conditions including 1, 2, and 6, his name will be included in the initial list and will get worse priority.

Required Documents

Pregnancy certificate issued by Upazila Health Officer / Upazila Family Planning Officer Two copies of Citizen Certificate Passport size photo and Birth registration certificate issued by Union Assistant Land Officer.

Thank you so much for being with us for so long. I have given the above rules for applying for child and maternity allowance. I hope you have understood. For your convenience, I try to highlight such issues. Numerous more facts have been discusse. If you have any problems you can visit our site.

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